Do you play a musical instrument? You might be interested in joining our band. For more information about how to audition for the band, contact Nathaniel Kimball at nathaniel@fbchouma.com.

  • Sound technician

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  • keys

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  • Drums

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  • electric guitar

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  • acoustic guitar

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  • bass guitar

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If you love to sing, we have several different ways you can use your voice to lead our congregation in worship. Check out how to get involved below:

  • choir

    Serving in this ministry allows you the opportunity to sing for various special Sundays throughout the year as well as our productions. 

    Choir Sunday rehearsals for a specific Sunday will begin two Wednesday's before that Sunday and will be from 6:00pm-7:00pm. You will receive your vocal parts two weeks prior to the first rehearsal and be expected to know them by rehearsal night.

    Anyone who has gone through the audition process and is asked to be a part of the team will begin singing with the choir. 

  • frontline

    Serving in this ministry allows you the opportunity to be put on the regular Sunday rotation, as well as the opportunity to help with worship for various special nights of worship, conferences, revivals, etc.

    If you serve in the choir, you may be asked to serve on the Frontline team as well. You must be a part of the choir to be on Frontline.

    There is a much higher expectation level, both musically and spiritually, for those who are a part of this ministry. You must be able to pick up parts quickly, be comfortable and expressive on stage. lead others well by example, and serve with excellence. 

    The rotations are somewhat flexible due to work schedules, vacations, and other various reasons, but these are the first people that will be called on for special worship events.

  • Worship leader

    Serving in this role allows the opportunity for some on the Frontline to. grow and develop as worship leaders. You will learn:

    - Various elements of leading a song.

    - How to speak to the congregation.

    - How to transition into and out of the songs you're leading.

    - How to manage leading the song, controlling the band, leading the congregation well, and yet somehow still worshipping God ALL AT ONCE.


Our media team works behind the scenes to make our worship services happen. Using lyrics on screens and dynamic lights, the media team sets the atmosphere for worship, then broadcasts it outside the walls of the church through our live stream. If you think you'd be interested in being a part of our media team, check out the different ways you can help listed below: 

  • Computer

    Allows you to run everything from worship lyrics, to videos, to sermon slides.

  • Lights

    Serving in this capacity allows you to learn how to program and run lights during a worship service, which will help create an atmosphere and focus people's attention.

  • Camera

    Serving here allows you to both help with streaming for livestreams and further our message beyond the walls of the FBC Houma building.

  • Live-stream

    Serving here allows you to learn how to run the live-stream of our worship service.

  • Photography/videography

    Serving in this ministry allows you to capture moments in services and various events on or off campus. We are then able to use these captured moments to share what great things are happening here at FBC Houma.

  • Producer

    Serving in this role allows you (having an understanding for all other production roles) to be able to help facilitate the production booth for Sunday Services and special events.