Come To The Table

2020 sola men's conference

March 13-14

What is the

sola men's conference?

The 2020 SOLA Men's Conference is set for March 13-14 at FBC Houma. Once again, we will enjoy a wonderful time of guest speakers, men's fellowship, faith, music, and of course, great food. The theme for this year's conference is Come To The Table.

Veterans of our SOLA Men's Conferences know that our tables are filled with piles of shrimp and "bow-tie-alaya!" Just as you're always invited to sit down and have a good ole' South Louisiana shrimp boil down here in Houma, Jesus invites us to sit with him at his table. We'll learn more about what that means at this year's conference. 

Click on the link above to go to our eventbrite page for further ticket information. Tickets cost $50 and include admittance into the conference plus two meals and a light breakfast.


Johnny Hunt

For Pastor Johnny Hunt forty-three years of ministry experience has been a life changing experience. Johnny's experience in ministry includes serving as President of the Southern Baptist Convention and 32 years as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock GA. His teaching has touched the lives of thousands over the years, including the hundreds of men who flock to his annual Johnny Hunt Men's Conference every year. 

Breakout sessions

  • Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

    Dr. Sarfati has authored some of the most popular and powerful books on the issues of origins, strongly defending biblical (‘young earth’) creation and refuting the strongest arguments for evolution and millions of years. He is a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand. He has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from a secular NZ university. Dr. Sarfati joined Creation Ministries International in 1996 and has authored hundreds of articles with them ever since. He is also a chess master and former New Zealand chess champion. One specialty of his is playing simultaneous chess games (sometimes blindfolded) from memory. 

    The Genesis Flood: Biblical Realism and Scientific Models  

    Friday, March 13

    The Flood during Noah's day is vital to understand the history of our planet.  This talk explains why in detail, and answers many common questions.  For example: Does the Bible teach a global or local Flood?  How does science fit in?  What models are right, and what should be rejected?  What are the main evidences in the rocks and fossils that the globe was totally covered?  Why did lifespans drop sharply after the Flood?

    Bioethics: Issues of Life, Death, and Mortality

    Saturday, March 14 (1st session)

    The right view of Genesis Creation enables us to think clearly about ‘life’ issues such as abortion, euthanasia, cloning, animal rights, stem cells, etc. Conversely, consistent evolutionary thinking undermines the biblical sanctity of innocent human life, as in Nazi Germany.

    Is Genesis a Literal History? Refuting Compromise from the Scripture

    Saturday, March 14 (2nd session)

    A six day, young earth understanding of Genesis is the only one that comes from the text itself, which is why the rest of Scripture interprets it that way.  Long-age views are a modern aberration that comes from imposing outside ideas of uniformitarian “science” upon the text.  See how compromising views render the Bible meaningless to a dying world.  You’ll be encouraged and energized to hear there is no need for compromise and that there are answers.  The evidence for Creation and the Bible’s account of history is all around us if only we know how to look for it, and Jonathan will show you how to do just that!   

  • Claude king

    Claude King is an experienced discipleship and church health specialist, author, inspirational speaker, and conference leader. He is the author or co-author of over 20 books and discipleship courses including Experiencing God, Fresh Encounter, The Mind of Christ, The Call to Follow Christ, Come to the Lord's Table and others. Claude is the co-founder and President of the Board of Directors for Final Command Ministries. He is a graduate of Belmont College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Reta live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. 

    Come to the Lord's Table: Helping Your Church Return to Her First Love

    Friday, March 13 and Saturday March 14 (2nd session)

    The Lord’s Supper is a wonderful opportunity to help your church return to her first love for Christ.  Learn the importance of preparing for the Lord’s Supper so you can partake in a worthy manner.  You will be introduced to Come to the Lord’s Table and encouraged by the stories of personal and church revival that began with Communion.

    Experiencing God with a New Generation

    Saturday, March 14 (1st session)

    Join co-author Claude King for an overview of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Hear some moving stories of ways God has impacted lives and transformed communities through Experiencing God. Then consider ways of inviting a new generation to join God in what He is doing where you are.   

  • Scott white

    Scott White is the Executive Director of Program Development for Power of Grace Radio Ministry in Nashville, TN. Scott was the long-time Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church Woodstock alongside Johnny Hunt. He also served as the Music Director for the Southern Baptist Convention three times. He has been married to his wife Amelia for 40 years. They have two children and four grandchildren together. 

    Disciplines of a Godly Man: Practical Helps for Walking Daily With Jesus

    All Sessions

    Every man has a STORY!  What’s Yours?  How is your Walk with Jesus?  Are you On-fire, lukewarm, or stone-cold?  Come see what God’s word has to say about this and how you can be a “Godly Man”.   

  • dylan johnson

    Dylan Johnson has served as the Student Pastor at FBC Houma since August 2019. He is originally from Lexington, KY.  He graduated from Campbellsville University in Kentucky in 2018 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Dylan has been married to Ellie since August 2017.  He desires to see people saved by the gospel, discipled through the gospel, and sent on mission because of the gospel.

    Sitting at the Table with Jesus Without Saying a Word

    Friday, March 13

    It’s a fact that what we do in private with God will determine what we do in public for God.  What we do in privacy with God will affect every area of our life.  It is in our private time with God that we learn to fall in love with God instead of falling prey to the enemy.  It’s in our private life with God that we can meet Him at the table without saying a word.  This breakout is designed to help you understand how to make time for God during your day, how to have a quiet time, and where to begin in the Bible.

    Hold On. God Has Called Me to Do What as a Dad?

    Saturday, March 14 (both sessions)

    This breakout is for any dads who have any children at the house under the age of 19.  God has placed a major calling on all dads, but what if we aren’t answering that call or are misunderstanding the call?  Do you know what call I am talking about?  It’s the call to lead your family by creating the atmosphere at home that makes time for discipleship and allows you to teach your children how to become more like Christ.  This breakout will not only affect you, but it will affect your entire household.   

Friday Evening Schedule

5:00pm                   Doors Open - Registration Begins

5:00pm-6:30pm     Pastalaya Dinner

6:30pm                   Session 1

8:00pm                   Breakout Session 1

Saturday Schedule

  7:00am                  Doors Open/Light Breakfast

  8:00am                  Session 2

  9:30am                  Breakout Session 2

10:40am                  Session 3

11:30am                  Door Prizes

12:00pm                 Breakout Session 3

  1:00pm                  Cajun Shrimp Boil and Fellowship