Meet Our Pastor

Dr. Steve Folmar is the Senior Pastor at FBC. Pastor Steve began serving FBC in 1999. During Steve's time at FBC, the church has started Covenant Christian Academy and moved from our downtown campus to our present location. Pastor Steve is a 1983 graduate of Mobile College with a B.A. in ministry, a 1994 graduate of New Orleans Theological Seminary with an M.Div degree, and a 2009 graduate of the Master's International School of Divinity with a D. Min. degree in counseling. 

Pastor Steve is married to Jan and they have three boys and 3 grandchildren. Pastor Steve can be reached by email at

Sermon Series

You can check out Pastor Steve's latest sermon series below. He is currently preaching through the book of John. 

  • Believe: The Power of the word

    Pastor Steve takes us verse by verse through the book of John, so that, as John 20:31 explains, "you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name."

  • Power, honor, and glory

    Have you ever recorded a football game to watch later on the DVR? Were you disappointed if you found out the score before you watched the game? For some things we don't want to know the ending, but for other things we want to know the ending! In a world that is quickly becoming more hostile to the things of God, the book of Revelation tells us how it will end. Join Pastor Steve as he leads up verse by verse as the Bible shows us God's plan for this world and the end of human history. Click on the graphic to the left to get started. 

  • Foundations for a great marriage

    Pastor Steve preaches about the gift of marriage throughout Song of Solomon. Build a foundation for the kind of marriage God desires you to have. Click on the graphic to the left to get started. 

  • come grow with me: james

    Join us as we walk verse by verse through the book of James to find out what it means to grow in your faith and live the Christian life with purpose and meaning. Click on the graphic to the left to get started.