At its core, a local church is a group of people who have chosen to follow Jesus and worship Him together.  At FBC Houma, we believe that the best hope for life is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We strive each day to be a church where hurting people can come to find healing, where anyone can be a part of a family that will last into eternity, and where families here on earth can find help and hope for the daily grind of living.  We also strive to be a light in our community by serving others and leading them to follow Jesus. 

At FBC, we have four main ways we worship together.

Sunday Services

Our Sunday morning services are designed to be exciting, friendly and practical.  

Our pastor, Steve Folmar, works hard

each week to preach messages

that are helpful for daily living!

Wednesday Nights

Our Children and Youth

meet on Wednesday nights!

Small Groups

We believe that small groups are the most important part of a growing Christian's life.  We have a variety of small groups that meet throughout the week to help you grow in your faith as a believer in Jesus Christ. 

Check out our Covenant Group tab!


We believe that all followers of Jesus are called into ministry.  We minister to our community, state, 

nation and world in a variety of ways.  

Through our Living Water Ministry, we seek to meet needs and share the gospel to those who are hurting;  through our mission trips, we seek to share the gospel and meet needs in our nation;  and through our mission trips to Brazil, Montreal, New York,

and Arlington TX we seek to share

the gospel around the world.